• Sutta

    Sutta contains lessons for life. What can you learn, gazing upon the face of the Buddha or looking at a dharma wheel? It might be different every time, for everyone. These works are for your own contemplation. It’s not for me to tell you what you’ll glean.

  • Blue Skies

    Blue skies started with Wyoming. I love the contrast of earth and sky. I often find myself staring at the variety of clouds in a single sky. I like my skies moody and so I mostly use an unnatural blue. But the sky isn’t the limit — the earth is equally important. Without it, where …

  • Scapes

    Scapes are places no one has ever been, but they may remind you of somewhere. They’re the landscapes of the mind, peaceful and violent at the same time. They’re yours to visit.

  • Combustion

    Combustion is all about the fire we crave and fear. It fascinates us. Why else is hell made of it? It’s beautiful and deadly, but, like the phoenix, it’s both life and death, the beginning and the end. Fire is the yang to water’s yin.