• Augury

    Augury leads you on. These paintings may be telling you something, but what is it?

  • Lithos

    Lithos was inspired by a workshop I took on the figure in landscape. I had no idea what the results of the workshop would be, seeing as I don’t like to populate my art. What emerged were sketches of dark figures that resemble standing stones. This then led to a series of paintings revolving around …

  • Gallimaufry

    Agate 12×12 Mixed media/canvas 2011 ♦ Castle/Orange 12×12 Mixed media/canvas 2005 ♦ Clearings 12×12 Mixed media/canvas 2010 ♦ Hive   Mixed media/canvas 2006 ♦ I, Bartleby 10×30 Mixed media/clay 2012 Karst 48×20 Mixed media/canvas 2009 Sarsen Stones 36×36 Mixed media/canvas 2006 Striae 12×12 Mixed media/canvas 2010 The Gate 10×10 Mixed media/canvas 2010 ♦ Visitations 30×30 …

  • About

    Wynne Reynolds is a Colorado artist whose work reflects her diverse experiences around the world.